Friday, June 20, 2014

Educate, Don’t Sell.

Don’t focus on selling, focus on educating.

Think about it. When someone comes at you with a heavy sales pitch, you tend to tune them out. They haven’t developed your trust or established any basis for a trusting relationship. However, if someone talks to you about a product or idea, purely from the perspective of disseminating information or their viewpoint, you are automatically more engaged; more open to listening.

For this reason, we’ve found time and time again that a slow and steady email drip campaign is preferable to an advertisement. At each interval, you’re touching the person with new information in a creative and informing approach that they can choose to retain and act upon, or not. Each touch is a reminder that you’re there, your product is there, and there are additional benefits. You’re building awareness and encouraging a relationship. Every email adds another piece to the overall picture.

It doesn't matter if you’re selling insurance, financial services, or cookies. Email campaigns get results.

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