Thursday, October 25, 2012

Walk the Walk

How many times have you heard the expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Likely the answer is “too many times to count.”  There is such truth to that statement and it’s extremely evident in smaller regions like the Warwick Valley, or “Mayberry” as we like to call it!

If you're going to conduct business in the Warwick Valley, you need to understand the business and social climate here. You need to know that the core philosophy is to keep it local, and that local mindset helps all of our businesses to thrive. You don’t’ visit the big box stores before checking with the local hardware store. Likewise, why visit a chain restaurant when there are perfectly wonderful eateries right in town? And chances are you’ll run into one or two people you know. Businesses here support one another, as so do community members. If there is a need expressed here, it is met with tremendous volunteerism.

As a business owner anywhere, it’s important to network and that is especially true here. Part of what made our Creative Vision partnership so vital was our strong belief in being involved in the community. We are both firm believers in giving back and have individually devoted our time to causes and organizations that we care about. As a result of that, we’ve cultivated many wonderful contacts throughout the Valley that have supported us in our business efforts. Some have already become clients; others have become business vendors and sources for us to subcontract or share work. And still others have shared their expertise in their given fields, which greatly enhances our knowledge base and helps us to avoid small business pitfalls. We thank these supporters and friends and look forward to passing on their kindness and wisdom.