Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Effectively Manage Your Advertising

As a small business owner, you most likely don’t have anyone on your staff to manage your advertising. And chances are you aren’t actually managing your advertising as much as you are reacting to the multitude of calls, emails and visits from ad reps all clamoring to get your ad dollars. There is a better way.

By using an outside marketing agency, you no longer have to handle any of those ad calls as that becomes the job for your agency. They are the buffer and will deliver good or bad news on your behalf, while you remain unencumbered. And most importantly, they will make recommendations as to where you should be devoting your ad budget, and when.

Your marketing agency will take a broad look at all of the advertising possibilities and, with your budget firmly in mind, will strategically select those advertising opportunities that will afford you the greatest bang for your buck and that will target those audiences most important to your business objectives. Instead of a shotgun approach, they become the sniper who makes sure you’re hitting only those targets you select.

They are able to examine all of your marketing activities and determine what messaging will be best delivered by advertising and when to do that. They will take into account the frequency of your ads and the sizing, as well as making sure that your ad design is in keeping with your overall branding.

So don’t be overwhelmed when the ad reps start calling. Call your marketing agency - call Creative Vision and let us handle it for you.