Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making the Most of Facebook

Many of you have opened your first Facebook page, which can be an extremely powerful tool to broaden your customer base and to keep you top-of-mind amongst your customers. Here are some strategies that Creative Vision offers to our business clients to maximize their Facebook benefits:

Rule #1 Set a Goal
Do small businesses need a Facebook presence? For the majority of businesses, the answer is a definite “yes.” But it’s not just about having Facebook page simply because you know of other businesses who do or because experts say you should. You’ve got to have a specific goal in mind when you begin. Is it to gain more contacts for your marketing database? Would you like to increase store traffic? Be clear at the outset.

#2 Use Custom Tab Applications
To get custom tab apps, Shortstack and other sources gives small businesses the ability to create their own custom tabs with ease and at a low or no cost. Custom tabs are useful, so take advantage of them!

#3 Be Interactive
You don’t want to be like most other businesses whose page contains a bio, a map and some photos. Be creative. Users want to engage through interaction. If your content is stagnant, you’ll lose their interest and they will likely stop visiting your page. Try using contests or sweepstakes to grab and keep their attention.

#4 Be Available
You can’t just check your Facebook page once or twice a week, no matter how busy you are. This needs to become a priority, just like answering emails. You need to be responsive to your “fans” and get back to their questions quickly. Fans = customers, and you certainly wouldn’t leave your customers hanging so don’t be unavailable online! Check your Facebook page several times a day or assign the task to one of your staff.

#5 Take Action
When your “friends” provide you with feedback, use that information. It’s gold. Remember that there are few marketing vehicles that will provide you with such instantaneous feedback. Use it to make any necessary changes, resolve issues, and even to enjoy compliments. Use that info to take action!
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