Thursday, May 8, 2014

Think Before You Post…

While we agree that businesses should have a presence on social media sites and offer this marketing activity to many of our clients, there are rules to follow and you need to be mindful of your posts.

Don’t mix your business sites with your personal site. Period. Keep business for business. If some of your business associates happen to become friends, “friend” them on your personal site, but you should always keep these things separate. We see business all the time where the business owner is posting personal photos of their children or pets; your clients don’t need to see that. Some personal posts may even be “TMI” for your clients.

Another positive no-no is posting religious or political sentiments on your business page. Just as you wouldn’t bring that up in conversation with a client, don’t post in on a social media site. There are many examples when clients or customers are so turned off because they may not share a business’s opinions on these strong subjects that they actually “unfriend.” Your clients are Democrats and Republicans, Christians, Jews and Muslims and you want to remain neutral. So before you use your business page to endorse a political candidate or respond to any controversial posting, take a breath and move on. 

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