Friday, June 20, 2014

Fake Friends

You know how many people say, “I’d rather have one real friend than a million fake ones?” This goes double for social media.

Pay-for-friend services are now a dime a dozen on Facebook, each one clamoring to get you a thousand “friends” for $10 or whatever low price they’re quoting. And they will deliver. You’ll get those thousand friends. You’ll also find out that these people are not your potential customers. In all likelihood, they will never purchase a thing from your business. Other than making your competition believe you’re incredibly popular, these contacts are essentially worthless.

When it comes to social media and Facebook, in particular, “friendships” need to evolve organically for them to be at all meaningful. Don’t settle for “friends” masquerading as true contacts. You need to know that the people who “like” your business, LIKE your business.

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